Ninfex: People Powered Search

Ninfex is an experimental people powered search engine.

There is no crawler, our index is built solely by users submitting interesting and useful links. There is no complex search algorithm.

We rely on 2 proxies for search relevance.

  1. First: URL score (user votes)
  2. Second: Links to discussions on major forums

All submissions on Ninfex are votable by users. When you submit a link, you can also submit upto 5 supporting links (to discussions about that link) from external forums.

Among the current submissions you are most likely to see forum links to reddit, hackernews, lobsters, stackexchange & tildes because those are the forums that I frequent most often.

Here's a screenshot of a typical search results page because I want to save another 1000 words.

I am the maker of Ninfex and right now I'm actively pushing to build the index around my personal wiki / research notes / bookmarks.

That is why, the home feed mostly contains topics of my interest. The following is a list of those topics. Click on one of the links to search.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

I'm open to suggestions, please email me your ideas or message me on twitter.

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