Update 03/06/21: Changes to Design

I shared Ninfex on HN on 28th May and I was pleasantly surprised with the kind of response the idea was able to generate.

Besides plenty of validation, there was also lots of useful feedback from all the good folks of the hackernews community.

In all of the suggestions, 2 things stood out as priority fixes. One: increasing information density and two: removing unimportant elements.

I've now made site-wide changes for an even more cleaner, classic-web like look and feel. Most notable among these changes are..

  1. No more header logos on main pages.
  2. Ditched fancy css for plain text: For instance [+] and [-] are now vote, unvote.
  3. URL scores are displayed inline with post titles.

There are several other smaller changes that probably are barely noticable.

More improvements are coming while I continue building the index.

Here's how the design has evolved since V1 (1st April, 2021).

Got suggestions? Please feel free to reach out via email or twitter.

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